The Blue Weekend
2022: Reconnecting Well
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"Two months before my first Blue Weekend, I began experiencing constant pain and stiffness in my joints. Upon arriving that Friday, I felt so welcomed by the facilitators, and during my first Catalyst session the pain abated. During the weekend as we danced, sang, hiked, ate delicious meals together, and shared, time took a new dimension: the weekend flew by and yet we were so fully present that each moment was a joyous eternity in which I rewrote the past, released the pain, and remembered love. By Sunday afternoon, my body was filled with vibrant energy and my heart overflowed with gratitude. Michael is so honoring and the group of facilitators so loving; in the energy field they created, I was able to remember my true identity and release everything that didn't correspond to the JOY that I am. Days later, I notice I'm still able to breathe, dance, move, eat and be in my body with so much more grace, joy, peace, and ease!" --Melody LeBaron


This is an example for an image"Through this joyful experience of the Blue Weekend, my heart is sooo open and expansive! My spirit soars through the skies lit up with the greatest freedom! My peace of mind I give to all!! Thank you, God, for this most beautiful blessing of life!!" --Rossee McLellan, D.C.

Blue Weekend was exceptionally extraordinary. The journey through the weekend allowed me to inquire about and discover my Greater Self all the while providing a nourishing soul-level healing, replenishment, and funness." -Marc Senecal, D.C.


"To be fully, vibrantly alive, to feel breath expanding from the innermost core essence, to be immersed in the resonance of each participant's reverent, sweet and playful energy…what a precious gift this connection, this weekend was! The sacredness tasted deeply beyond experience is so treasured, creating a quantum leap in sacredness that is unequaled and never experienced before in this life...the openness, the depth of spontaneity, the fun, the geyser of joy, such exquisite perfection…what a profound standard…what a weekend…delighted my heart soars…much gratitude."  --Velma G. Hunter

The Blue Weekend experience has opened my heart and my body. I have never felt so open to love." --Rita O'Brien


"I arrived at the weekend with more fear than anyone there, and, probably like everyone else who attended, I left feeling that I must have gotten more out of it than anyone.  This was a month ago, and I still feel as though I am walking through the door of eternal openings.  I am unfolding right before my eyes.  The weekend severed the umbilical cord of my internal boundaries to allow this unfolding of the me I really love.  And better yet, I am watching the unfoldment that goes on around me all the time... things I never noticed before.  I didn't realize how soft and silent is the realm of magic in giving birth to the destines of everyday life.  My work, my play, my relating to others, my very life, are finally a joy to me.  It's almost as though I watch my life create itself with little effort on my part.  The synchronicity I am experiencing supports this notion." --Nancy Davis, D.C.

Coming to the Blue Weekend with no idea what it was about, it was a pleasure to find out on day one when it came to me out of the blue, that this weekend was a feast for nurturing the soul." -Michael Gordon


"The Blue Weekend is a life-changing retreat. Each time, it's been an opportunity to experience myself newly, as part of something bigger, transporting, and sacred. I find myself, loosen from myself, and get out of my own way in this safe haven, having more profound experiences than I could ever imagine. 

Michael Scimeca, the facilitator of the weekend, is an engaging, love-exuding, wise, wise soul. He is a brilliant man and master teacher, making insight-filled learning accessible. He weaves together teachings and activities that will best support the group as a whole at any given moment. Michael is a master at developing and teaching practical leading-edge concepts that support neuroplasticity and a mindful, ease-filled life. You can take what you learn to apply to your everyday life. The system of bodywork Michael has created, Catalyst, is a gentle yet powerful tool that integrates the resonance and the teachings of the Blue Weekend. You will have the opportunity to receive multiple sessions during the weekend. It's the ultimate in respectful, positive, solution-focused touch--always a highlight of the Blue Weekend. 

You will find yourself among fellow travelers at the Blue Weekend. These tend to be people who are open to change, exploration, self-discovery, and also fun! There is always a strong sense of connection that grows within the group. Whether or not you know anyone at the start of the Blue Weekend, you will soon feel that you have found friends worthy of your time and trust. 

At my first Blue Weekend, Michael had a simple sign that said, "If just for today, I touch a piece of the infinite peace, it would set a standard for the rest of my life." And it did set a pristine standard. It does each time I go.  The ripple of the weekend lingers on sweetly, influencing my life and those who I interact with for such a long time after. That expression, that quote, was so impactful a consideration. I touched a level of peace I hadn't expected to find in this life; I didn't know it existed prior to that time. Each year, I give myself the gift of returning to this peaceful place. It's like a recharge of my essence, and an opportunity to emerge newly." -Amala Forman

It's amazing how easily things just appear out of the blue" --Lisa Vieira


"As an eternal and vigilant cheapskate, except perhaps in bouts of unchecked hedonism, all seemingly unnecessary expenditures are met with due skepticism. However, as the Blue Weekend progresses, the energy intensifies, the bonds of mutual admiration deepen, and the value of the experience becomes undeniable.

Dr. Michael’s exudes authenticity as a facilitator and expresses thoughts that connect with the group on a very intimate level. He demonstrates a deep understanding of the volumes he has learned and suffers from an unquenchable curiosity for that which has yet to be discovered. Being in this environment surrounded with individuals sharing in a quest of self-actualization is greatly supportive to one’s own growth. Ideas are  freely shared in a space devoid of judgement or ridicule.

Like most, I would assume only mature, experienced, and wise full grown adults would be able to appreciate the significance of the weekend. My 7 year old daughter most certainly proved otherwise. One exercise in particular, I See You, connected with her on a deep level. Here she was able to look others deeply in the eyes and speak to what she sees and likewise to have others return the gesture. For those of you who may have seen the childrens movie, Inside Out, I would unquestionable classify this as a ‘core memory’, a memory so significant that it defines you, changes you, and alters your course in life. Her own self-esteem achieved a low-earth-orbit in that moment and I imagine it will be an effective inoculation to attacks and challenges she will face in life. If I were to ask her what she thought of the weekend, I’m pretty sure the reply would be “It was really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, …. good!" -David Cox

It was amazingly awesome, insightful, loving and beautiful." -Cindy Reps


"I’ve been telling my friends about Blue Weekend for as long as I have been attending them – three years now.  Each year, what I gain from the experience is more profound than the year before.  Because the environment is always peaceful and calm, and because Dr. Michael creates (and insists on) the safest, most confidential container, participants feel free to take the deep dive, without hesitation, into each portion of the unique sessions of Blue Weekend.

Each year, a newer me arrives to absorb the amazing content, the loving energy, and the freedom of thought that envelops the Blue Weekend.  The hours and days fly by, and when I reluctantly leave the weekend, the lessons learned reverberate through my being until the next time.

I mentioned that a newer me shows up at Blue Weekend each year.  That’s because Dr. Michael is the Head Cheerleader of my Success Team, and the growth I have experienced over the past three years of his coaching has been exponential, developing on itself, until I can hardly remember who I was when I began my journey with him. In the later years of my life, I have more peace, vitality, and confidence than ever before.  I wake up excited about my work in the world and about who I am becoming.

Dr. Michael’s unconditional love, zest for life and learning, and unique view of what a person can become at any stage of life, is revolutionary.  Only those serious about making the changes they dream about need apply!   

I’ve come to revel in the sweet energy of the people who come to Blue Weekend each year.  There is a core group, of which I hope I am considered one, who welcome all the “newbies” with open arms, open minds, and open hearts.  Each person, on their own path, contributes so much to the process of the weekend.  They, too, like the veteran attendees, melt into the peacefulness and growth offered to each of us by Dr. Michael.  Men and women, straight, gay, white and black, are offered the same acceptance, respect, and opportunities.  It’s truly a delicious experience to share the weekend with each of them." -Bonnie Salamon

An exquisite experience. Undescribable. If you ever have the chance to do it, don't miss it! It is absolute nourishment of the soul." -Kathy Forest


"For me, Dr. Michael Scimeca’s Blue Weekend is an annual visit of renewal (three so far) to the launching pad of my personal Journey.  Once we accept the validity of the concept of neuroplasticity (no longer a theory, but widely accepted fact) the myth of the immutable self is reduced to a Popeye cartoon, blustering, 'I yam what I yam'.  We have the choice to remain stuck in previous recursions of self…or to view the future with open mind and heart, making choices about what and whom we wish to be and become.  The future is wide open for us to seize and mold to our fondest dreams and wishes.  Our choices properly augment, or even replace, our resume, no matter how lengthy, as the map to our desired future.

Dr. Michael Scimeca , like many people of note, is making his peak contributions in a somewhat different field than the one in which he earned his original credentials. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic who, as his fingers read the complaints of his patients, came to have a more holistic view of who we are, and how our bodies and minds work. Like an artist whose work reflects a keen sense of their roots, Dr. Scimeca still includes a physical component that keeps the body on the same holistic page as the mind. Picture, if you will, Helen Keller’s unbridled joy as her fingers first discovered communication with her nurse, ushering the genesis and freeing of a world class intellect. 

But it is for his work in the psychological realm that Dr. Michael is best known. Stemming from the scientific principal of Neuroplasticity (new growth and lasting change to the brain throughout our lives), he has authored Successions, Catalyst, and Better Brain Process, and hosts and facilitates Blue Night and Blue Weekend events. He is also a regular guest on the media.

To the uninitiated, a first encounter with Dr. Michael can give one a moment of pause. His effusiveness and seemingly over-the-top emotiveness can strike one as a bit… unusual.  But you would, in fact, be witnessing an honest display of child-like wonder and discovery, and his very real enthusiasm for the ideas he is sharing. Michael Scimeca does not hold back in some faux display of academic dignity. He is, in modern parlance, ‘The Real Deal’. 

Having attended several annual Blue Weekend events facilitated by Dr. Michael, I would be remiss if I did not mention the unusually close nature of the relationships one forms with the other attendees. If you’ve ever done something like community theater, you’ve almost certainly experienced the kind of phenomenal bonding that tends to occur between the cast and crew members who share in a creative venture. Now, multiply that by adding the element of being on a journey of deep personal discovery. Such journeyers are inherently more likely than most to allow their vulnerability to surface, and to establish a blossoming trust in one another. They become one’s brothers and sisters of the soul." -Steve Salamon

Blue Weekend was an incredible way to connect to source, others, and my greater self." -Liz Hansen



  • Date: July 8-10, 2022
  • Location: Delphi McCaysville, GA
  • Starts Friday 6:00 PM



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