The Blue Weekend
Enjoying the Ease of Everything
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What is The Blue Weekend?

The Blue Weekend is an immersion into the greater you within. Unlike any other program, this specific three days will significantly impact your experience regarding what is possible for you at this time in your life. By presenting a wide variety of empowering practices, you will enjoy a greater clarity for moving forward well and creating lasting improvements in your energetic field, that significant place that most profoundly impacts who you are, what you attract, and how you go about enjoying yourself in the time you have left here on Earth. You will emerge on your own terms, based on your unique integrity, participation, and timeliness.

It is very easy for you to be in attendance. Just choose it, call, and register. In return for your investment in time and energy, we will provide a safe place for you to make yourself right at home. You truly get to do the weekend in your own unique, exquisite way. What we provide are simply tools for you to use as you see fit. The grounds are beautiful and the place is warmly decorated for your growth and expansion. We have been leading Blue Weekends since 1994 and it just keeps getting better. If this is your time, this is a great place to be.

2018: "Blue Reveals a Greater You"

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To say that this is an exciting time is an understatement. To say that you would be well-served to be among this great group of people would be equally modest. There truly is no other program like the Blue Weekend. It's not even close to anything you have had the pleasure to enjoy, and there is no better time than now for you to attend. Come for you, for your greater you, and for all that naturally follows.

AllowING Your Greater YOU tO Emerge

Neurologically, this rich environment alters how you function, setting a higher standard of living for you. For some people, the change is profound. For others, the shift is more subtle. Regardless of how you process specifically, this weekend will be tremendously supportive.

"The Blue Weekend was wonderful. I feel like my entire body is glowing." --Bill Laney


Support the best versions of yourself and improve in areas of your life that you'd love to improve, whether they include your health, finances, career, relationship, fulfillment, creativity, etc. You will be fed.

It all begins on Friday at 6PM and concludes on Sunday afternoon at 3:00. In between, you will enjoy the ease at which it all unflods. If you truly are ready to receive a fantastic positive shift in your life, the Blue Weekend is a great opportunity for getting it and enjoying how easy it really is.



  • Date: July 13-15, 2018
  • Location: Delphi McCaysville, GA
  • Begins Friday 6:00 PM



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